Singles Holidays for Over 60’s

Single? Over 60’s? Love to meet new people and travel to dream destinations?

Look no further, GoSingles offers low-cost singles holidays without single supplement specifically designed for single people over 60’s to Spain, Canary Islands, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Madeira, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, and Finland

There’s probably one truth that all 60’s-somethings will admit to: their sixties don’t feel anything like they anticipated they would when they were partying away their twenties. In fact, most of us feel either the same or even better than we did back then, probably because the pressures of youth – relationships, careers, accommodation, education – have usually sorted themselves out.

It’s in this environment that the concept of singles holidays over 50’s and 60’s is booming. Healthier people with more affordability and infinitely more opportunities than yesteryears are reliving their younger days with exciting and adventurous singles holidays, doing things, and going places that would have been unthinkable thirty years ago.

Whether it’s an adrenalin-fuelled activity holiday, a relaxing and pampering stay on the beach or a chance to let your hair down and dance, we’ve got it all covered in You don’t have to worry about being on your own, because the whole party will be in the same boat. The state of singlehood doesn’t last long on a GoSingles holiday because our hosts make sure everyone gets acquainted and is ready to start the fun. Check out our most popular destinations for singles holidays over 60’s and prepare for a life changing experience.

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