First Solo Holidays?  First time Solo Traveller? 

GoSingles got it all covered for you…… We are the first choice for singles holidays.

Taking that first solo holiday can seem daunting, that’s why GoSingles put together like minded travellers in the safety of a group while still allowing independence and freedom for you to explore new destinations or revisit old ones, either way you will make memories forever and lifelong friendships.

Many of our guests are in their 30’s, 40’s & 50+ and we create our groups with this in mind and ensure wherever possible there is always a good balance in the group. Groups are more fun sharing what you have in common with people or find new interests. Our groups can have a wider age range that just means different life experiences, and everyone brings something to the mix.

Solo Holidays

We have varied singles holidays and something to suit all, relaxing on a beach, exploring, adventure even trekking or little city break, you won’t be disappointed whatever you choose to do.

No matter which destination you choose we will always guarantee your own room as we all need personal space. Your package includes flight, transfers, meals and many you will find there is a dedicated host or tour guide, all the details are organised for you. If it’s your first time joining a singles holiday, you may want to opt for one of our holidays that guarantees a host or tour guide to make you feel more at ease. Our guides are trusted and have plenty of experience.

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