First Holiday After Divorce or Separation?

If you’re newly separated or divorced, you may be dreading holidays. You may feel alone in this — but in reality, you’re far from it!

Spending the holidays as a single may feel daunting – but remember that you have the power to create your experience with courage, planning, creativity you can cope with – and enjoy holidays.

Here are some suggestions to get you started…

Take a Positive Approach

Even if your life isn’t exactly where you’d like it to be right now, the good news is that we all have choices about how and where we spend our holidays. You can avoid stress by planning well in advance and being flexible.

Stay Busy

Unstructured time is the enemy of the newly divorced person. Take advantage of the time you have alone and make a plan.  You can seize the opportunity to have lunch with an old friend, book a day at the spa, or lounge in a bubblebath with a glass of wine – whatever makes you feel happy.

Change your Expectations

Give yourself permission to enjoy this holiday any way that you choose. You don’t have to be lonely, even if you happen to be alone.

Make Gift-Giving more Pleasurable

Gifts are an integral part of the holiday season. Unfortunately, the gift-giving experience is too often accompanied by high prices and commercialism.

Try giving gifts from the heart rather than the mall: Do something thoughtful for someone you care about. for instance, bake cookies or make a meal or write a card or note or gift a personal belonging which can have great significance.

Take a break from social media

Studies show that when we’re already feeling down, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram can make us feel worse. Comparison is the thief of joy as the saying goes.

Go on a Singles holiday

Don’t let fear or a lack of confidence put you off taking your first singles holiday. Move out of your comfort zone, meet new people, share new experiences and make new memories.