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With its year round sunshine, mixed with an arid, volcanic landscape, luscious valleys, and miles upon miles of azure blue coastline of the Atlantic, it’s not hard to see why Lanzarote is a firm favourite amongst the Canary Islands.

Its many beaches, laced with white sands and shores awash with turquoise waters, you’re sure to find your own slice of heaven, making it a hard place to tear yourself away from. If you’d rather be in the water, Lanzarote is famed for its great diving conditions, with Europe’s only underwater museum, Playa Blanca, not to mention its many water sports and big game fishing.

Being the first to emerge from the ocean, Lanzarote is the oldest island steeped in history, awash with quaint fishing villages, dating back as far as 1618, retaining a timeless, quaint charm that’s worthy of exploration whilst visiting.

Lanzarote’s volcanic backdrop ensures you will be met with a stunning array of hues, best seen from the Timanfaya National Park, where its striking jade lagoons will take your breath away, as they juxtapose against a striking backdrop of red cliffs.


Owing to its close proximity to Morocco and the Western Sahara, Lanzarote enjoys a consistent climate all year round, making it the perfect winter sun destination.

Its shortage of mountains and flat landscape means there is less of a build up of clouds, resulting in only 16 days annual rainfall! 

Several microclimates exist within Lanzarote; head south if you are looking for wall-to-wall sunshine, with the region boasting the driest and hottest temperatures. If you’re looking to explore the landscape or try our hand at water sports be sure to head north, the landscape becomes greener as temperatures drop a few degrees and rainfall increases, whilst the prevailing winds make the area a popular location with kite surfers, wind surfers and surfers due to its west-north swell and good offshore winds. Central Lanzarote is the islands most inhabited area experiencing the most moderate climate on the island.


Lanzarote has lots to offer aside from glorious year round sunshine, here are a few of GoSingles must see attractions:

Timanfaya National Park 

A visit to the spectacular volcanic landscape of Timanfaya National Park is a must for all visitors to Lanzarote. The landscape provides an eye-opening route through delicate flora and fauna within the path of volcanoes, whilst the protected volcanic landscapes - smooth lava rocks and sharp boulders - is an experience you will not forget. 

Outdoor activities 

Whether you’re interested in exploring the island from an underwater perspective, snorkelling or scuba diving or cruising on the surface, surfing, kite surfing or windsurfing and paddle boarding, you are sure to find something on Lanzarote to keep your adrenaline pumping.

Cueva de los Verdes

Visit the enchanting Cueva de los Verdes, a volcanic cave formed over five thousand years ago by the flow of lava. Be guided round on a one hour tour, where you’ll be told its history and how it was formed. It is also renowned for holding music concerts owing to its unique natural acoustics, so be sure to check out the events schedule.

Monte Corona Volcano

Hike across whipped up lava landscapes, gaze into the crater of the Monte Corona Volcano, whilst taking in the panoramic views of the Canary Islands from the cliffs of northern Lanzarote.

Cactus Garden

For something a little different visit the stunning botanical Cactus Garden near to Guatiza and Mala, where you can capture the sight of over 1,400 different succulents. 



Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993 Lanzaroteños are incredibly proud of their achievements and are dedicated to preserving their natural heritage, culture and traditions.

Tourism makes up a huge proportion of Lanzorotes income, therefore they are very hospitable and extremely helpful, offering directions or recommendations at a drop of a hat.


Tipping: As with the majority of countries in Europe tipping is expected, but only if the service you receive has been good. As with the UK, for good service, 10% of the bill is an ample amount to tip. Some restaurants many include a service charge on the bill so be sure to check.   


Lanzarote’s main language is Spanish, however English is widely spoken, if you want to flex a spot of Spanish or socialise with your fellow Lanzaroteños try these handy phrases to help you get by.

  • Hello is ‘hola’
  • Good morning is ‘Buenos días’ 
  • Good night is ‘Buenos tardes’
  • Thank you is ‘gracias’
  • Please is ‘Por Favor’
  • Please may I order a beer? is ‘Por favor puedo pedir una cerveza’ 

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